SSL Music


SSL Music is a Turkish independent record label which specializes in electronic dance music and founded in 2017 by Mert Sesli.

We are not just a record label who pushes out music. We give a hand to talented people to help them to find their way in the music industry. We know it is hard to find true information about the music industry for emerging artists. Therefore, we focus on artists and consulting them to build their career by helping them to develop their musical talent, industry knowledge, physical appearance, marketing power and more. Because we believe that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Our mission is to be the leader dance music label in Turkey by discovering the secret talents and creating an amazing starting career plan for them. Professionalism in the music industry is one of the most important missions of SSL Music. We want to implement professionalism within the Turkish dance music industry to improve the quality and quantity of the Turkish dance music artists to achieve our vision.

Our vision is to be one of the biggest players within the genre of Dance Music in the world and being the one and only representative of dance music from Turkey.