SSL Music

Welcome to SSL Music

SSL Music leads the evolution of dance music as a pioneering record label in Turkiye, driving the evolution of electronic dance music through innovative artist support and groundbreaking releases.

Pioneering Dance Music and Talent Transformation

At SSL Music, we transcend the conventional boundaries of a record label, embodying a mission that goes beyond music. We are not merely curators of beats; we are architects of dreams, dedicated to championing emerging artists globally and transforming them into recognized sensations in the dynamic realm of electronic dance music.

Our Unique Mission

Our mission is clear: to unearth exceptional talent, invest in their careers, and guide them on a transformative journey to becoming globally recognized artists. SSL Music stands as a pioneering force in the Turkish dance music scene, with our influence resonating worldwide.

Robust Support and Global Recognition

Post-2022, SSL Music’s releases have garnered robust support, resonating on top national radio stations in Türkiye, reaching diverse audiences through indie radio stations worldwide, and catching the attention of major promotional channels. Our tracks have found favor with Beatport editors, renowned DJs, and independent curators, solidifying our presence in the dynamic landscape of electronic dance music. We have secured coveted spots on official playlists of Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, amplifying our reach and influence.

Beyond a Label, a Platform for Emerging Talents

SSL Music is more than a label; it’s a transformative platform where emerging talents blossom into global sensations. Our commitment to quality and artist development has positioned us as a leading force in the dance music scene, both in Turkiye and on the international stage.

Guiding Artists to Success

We understand that navigating the music industry can be challenging for emerging artists. That’s why we go beyond pushing out music; we extend a helping hand to talented individuals, providing guidance on developing their musical talent, industry knowledge, physical appearance, marketing prowess, and more. We believe that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Vision: A Major Force in Global Dance Music

Our vision is ambitious: to stand out as a major force in global Dance Music and be the singular ambassador for the Turkish dance music scene. We are not just aiming to be a record label; we aspire to be one of the biggest players within the genre of Dance Music globally.

Join us at SSL Music as we continue to make waves, breaking barriers, and leaving an indelible mark across the global landscape of electronic dance music. Together, let’s create a symphony of success and redefine the future of dance music.