Carine: Call 911

Carine drops 911 on SSL Music

Carine is a singer and songwriter based in Romania. With her unique, angelic voice, and a vocal range that makes her perfect for multiple genres, she is one to be on the lookout for.

From indie, to dance and pop, she instantly increases the quality of every song with her vocals. After reaching the top 10 on several charts with songs like “Lullaby”, “Looking For My Name” & “Stuck In Your Mind”, she started to form her identity as an artist and become more recognizable.

She works with Creator Records, the record label behind artists such as Holy Molly & Olivia Addams. Carine released her first single since joining Creator Records on April 28th with the collaboration of SSL Music.

The song is titled “CALL 911” and tells the story of how vulnerability makes its presence felt when love & hate combine. “CALL 911” has a special sound of transparent yet aggressive production, mixed with those sex-appeal/indie vocals Carine delivers. Its accompanying music video leads to a highlighted provocative imagery, the perfect bonding between the mind’s voice and the heart, Carine wearing several unusual outfits, face paint, flowers, and tears, indicating the singer’s sensuality and theatrical side.

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