Do You Have A Problem?

Edine drops her debut single on SSL Music. 

Edine is a young singer and songwriter from Romania who achieved success with her first single at the age of 22. Prior to her Edine project, she started her career under the nickname Dayen. After releasing two songs under this name, she went viral on TikTok and surpassed 5 million views.

With her beauty and charisma, she has managed to create a great social media community on Instagram and TikTok. Edine’s fan base, which has reached over 100,000 followers to date, is growing day by day.

Edine, whose passion for music began at a young age, says that she used to gather all her toys and organize concerts for them when she was young. The artist who never gave up on her dream continues to move forward confidently on her path. Edine explains her thoughts on her new song as follows:

“This is a true story, my story, your story, everyone’s story who has experienced such pain: being cheated on, feeling alone in a toxic relationship. This is a powerful message because I also say ‘My instincts told me you were trouble’ and I think it is very important to always listen to our instincts.”

Now, with her first single “Do You Have A Problem?” the artist has taken her first step. It is said that the artist will release 15 new songs in 2023.

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