How to create a Beatport Artist Chart?


What is the Beatport Artist Chart?

An “Artist Chart” on Beatport is a curated list of tracks selected by an artist, which typically includes songs that the artist is currently playing, enjoying, or recommends. These charts can be an essential tool for DJs and fans alike, offering insights into the musical tastes and influences of their favorite artists. They can also serve as a promotional tool for artists, as being featured on a popular artist’s chart can increase visibility and sales for a track on the platform.



How can you create and submit a Beatport artist chart?

  1. Head to and log in or create your user account to get started.
  2. DJ charts must be created via a customer account (DJ profile), which can then be linked to your artist profile by contacting their team at After your accounts have been linked, DJ Charts will automatically appear on your artist page.
  3. If you already have a DJ profile or are using one of your artists’ DJ profiles you can simply create the chart by logging into that user account.
  4. If there is no DJ profile or if you’re creating an account for the first time you’ll be required to set up a new DJ profile. Simply follow the steps when prompted. You’ll need to enter a DJ name (which can be different from the user name) and complete the rest of the profile.
  5. Choose your chart name, upload a picture, and add a description.
  6. Please note, that artist charts must use a high-resolution artist picture to be considered for features. Charts using release artwork will not be featured.
  7. Add 10-20 tracks of your choice by searching the store, selecting from your cart or your purchases.
  8. You can also add tracks that are available for pre-order.
  9. You can drag and drop, remove, and even preview tracks until you are 100% happy with your selection.
  10. Publish, and you’re ready to share your chart URL across social platforms.


Please note: you will not be able to edit or remove the chart once it’s published!

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