New Single: VOLB3X

VOLB3X taking it to the next level with “Surp On The Surp”

Turkish bass house artist VOLB3X is well-known for his massive gangsta-house style and impacted the global market boasting over 45 million Youtube views. Following on from his recent track ‘Bam Bam’ VOLB3X releases ‘Surp On The Surp’ – showcasing a killer gangsta-house styled beat by adding his signature sound to the bassline. This time he combined his sound with impressive hip hop beats and vocals and increased the gangster vibe of his sound to the top!

VOLB3X  explains a little more about the single, stating: “I’m heavily influenced by hip hop artists and it was always my favorite genre to mix hip hop and gangsta-house together because they almost have the same vibe and culture and both are coming to the streets. Also, you can realize that in my remixes and when I first heard this vocal, this song was already done in my head and then I got to work directly. This is the story of how Surp On The Surp is created and it was my dream to release an original track finally that can exactly fit the style I want to release every time. My next aim is to create a new song with this style by collaboration with Turkish gangster rappers to open a new genre in my hometown.”

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