Return of The Tres

VOLB3X’s Latest Release “Return of The Tres” Now Available


The new single from VOLB3X, “Return of The Tres,” was released on May 10 and is now available for streaming and download. Blending dance rhythms with the unique sound of Mexicali Brass, the track offers a fresh musical experience and serves as a precursor to his upcoming album, GVNG II.

“Return of The Tres” aims to connect with both long-time fans and new listeners, featuring a musical arrangement that stands out for its creativity and accessibility. The accompanying music video further explores the theme and mood of the song, enhancing the listening experience.

The response on social media and music platforms has been positive, with appreciable engagement from listeners. VOLB3X continues to be featured on editorial playlists, reinforcing his presence in the music scene.

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About VOLB3X:

VOLB3X, an enigmatic underground gangster house music maestro from Turkey, burst onto the scene in 2019 with his debut track “Unshakeable.” He skyrocketed to global fame in 2020 with “Dark Light,” which captivated millions and amassed billions of plays worldwide. The track became a cultural phenomenon, extensively used in TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, symbolizing motivation and defining exhilarating experiences. His debut album “GVNG” cemented his global presence, featuring hits like “Bam Bam,” “Bailar,” “Lose,” and “Lost In Your Eyes,” each showcasing his unique style and sonic innovation. After releasing some promotional singles, VOLB3X is set to release his new studio album “GVNG II” in the summer 2024.


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