VOLB3X; The Leader of the GVNG


Step into the exciting world of VOLB3X, the enigmatic maestro of underground gangster house music hailing from Türkiye. In 2019, he burst onto the scene, shattering conventions and redefining the boundaries of musical expression with his groundbreaking debut track, “Unshakeable.”

But it was in 2020 that VOLB3X truly ascended to a league of his own. With the release of his chart-topping masterpiece, “Dark Light,” the music industry stood in awe as it ignited a global frenzy. The track’s magnetic beats and hypnotic melodies resonated with millions, transcending cultural divides and amassing billions of plays across music platforms. In the digital realm, it became an unstoppable force, inspiring a colossal wave of creativity as over a million TikTok, Reels, and Shorts videos embraced its captivating rhythm. “Dark Light” emerged not just as a song but as a potent symbol of motivation and the definitive soundtrack for exhilarating car rides.

Emboldened by his early triumphs, VOLB3X seized the momentum and unleashed his debut album, “GVNG.” With this audacious release, he firmly entrenched his presence on the global stage. The album boasted an irresistible collection of tracks, each one a testament to his distinctive style and unparalleled artistry. From the infectious energy of “Bam Bam” to the pulsating rhythms of “Bailar,” VOLB3X’s music became an invitation to lose yourself in a mesmerizing soundscape. His raw talent and unyielding dedication were exemplified in hits like “Lose” and “Lost In Your Eyes,” which showcased his ability to intertwine emotions with sonic innovation.

Beyond his irresistible beats and boundary-pushing sounds, VOLB3X remains an enigma, cloaked in mystery. Like a sonic outlaw, he defies conventions, inviting listeners on an exciting journey through the hidden corners of music. His undeniable impact on the gangster house genre has carved a permanent space in the hearts of fans worldwide, and his ever-growing influence promises a future brimming with limitless possibilities.

So, surrender yourself to the captivating rhythms of VOLB3X, and prepare to embark on a sonic adventure that will forever redefine your musical horizon.

After releasing his debut album “GVNG”, VOLB3X improved his reach on the global scene with his iconic songs like “Bam Bam”, “Bailar”, “Lose”, and “Lost In Your Eyes”.


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